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Below is an overview of our product line. Click on photo below for detailed information relating to that specific product line.

Designed to work with an existing production line, DEL’s in-line overcappers are fully automated, highly accurate machines that can apply lids to straight wall or fragile containers, tapered cups or tubs, and oversized pails or buckets. DEL’s systems are also compatible with square, round, oval or unusually shaped containers, so they are appropriate for nearly any application.
Rotary cappers and lidders use continuous motion to keep a production line moving at top speed. These systems are also capable of precisely applying lids to a variety of container types, including round, square, oval, and unusually shaped containers. With their dual timing screw systems, DEL’s rotary cappers and lidders offer unparalleled container handling, which makes special applications possible.
Container and lid denesting is an important, but often overlooked part of the lidding process. During the denesting process, stacked items are separated and conveyed in a steady stream to other processing stations. Proper denesting can greatly improve production speed and lidding accuracy, so these systems are a natural pairing with DEL’s lid and cap feeders and applicators. DEL’s denesters use both pick and place and rotary wheel methods to separate out a variety of items, including lids, containers, buckets and trays.

Membrane sealing is an essential quality assurance and safety check in a number of food industries. Processing facilities that handle food powders or liquids, in particular, need a sealed environment to ensure product quality, safety and longevity. DEL’s membrane sealers are produced for in-line or continuous motion operations, and are built with die cutters, film feeders and heat applicators that create a strong bond. Once sealed, the film actually melds with the bead of the container, ensuring a tight, tamper evident closure.

DEL’s coupon and leaflet inserters are useful for placing a variety of inserts into containers before the lidding process. Promotional materials can help secure repeat business for the company, so it is a simple, but effective method to generate revenue. DEL’s coupon and leaflet inserters can work in tandem with one of DEL’s lidding systems or can be installed as a standalone unit. These machines can friction feed up to 300 inserts per minute and are compact enough for easy feeding and handling.
When handling hundreds of caps, scoops, or other parts at once, orienting and feeding them at a steady rate can take a lot of manpower. DEL’s rotary feeders solve this problem by continuously organizing and readying parts for placement. These systems can handle parts that range from 1/4” in diameter to 8” in diameter, whether they are made from plastic, composites or metal. DEL’s rotary feeders can handle up to 1,500 parts every minute and can be integrated into an existing production line for easy conveying.
A lidding applicator is only as productive as its loading and feeding system, and DEL’s systems can keep an applicator running at full speed. These machines can be used for bulk loading, gathering thousands of parts in a single elevator, and conveying them to lidding applicators. They can also be used to index stacks of lids or containers into a denesting head, providing a buffer between the operator and the denester. They can also be used to keep spinning rod feeders stocked with lids and maintain high lid application rates.
Companies that are not ready to make a commitment to purchase one of DEL’s products can benefit from our rental programs as a viable alternative. Through DEL’s rental program, a processing facility can enjoy all of the benefits of one of DEL’s machines while also attaining significant tax advantages. This can greatly reduce company expenditures and help maintain profitability even during periods of reduced revenue.
Complete Systems
DEL provides turnkey solutions to all of our clients, so facility managers never have to worry about whether or not our products will live up to expectations. For more than 50 years, DEL has created custom solutions for companies large and small, so we know how to identify the client’s needs and deliver on time. In addition to producing packaging equipment, DEL is partnered with many companies that manufacture seamers, palletizers, conveyors, accumulators, fillers, case packers, banding machines, and more, so we can help any company get the equipment they need for their package handling needs.