Cap Applicators

DEL offers a variety of applicator systems for companies looking for capping, overcapping, lidding or plugging solutions. Modern production facilities need a product that is fully automated, extremely accurate, and capable of handling high speeds. DEL’s technologies have these design principles in mind, which is why DEL is among the most respected capping solutions provider in the industry. Also, our products can be optimized even further with automated loaders and feeders, providing a complete lidding solution in a compact package.

What kinds of applicator technology does DEL offer?

DEL’s overcapping technologies are what we’re known for. The SRC, SASRC, ASRL and LCC models can handle hundreds of containers every minute and can work with a variety of container types. This includes straight wall rigid, round, square, rectangular, tapered wall, and fragile containers made from metal, plastic or composite materials. The LCC model is designed to work with large containers like tubs or pails, ranging in size from pints to gallons. These containers can be square, rectangular or circular.

The SRC, SASRC and ARSL are designed for traditional container sizes and can be fitted with single or dual lane lidding. All three models can be configured with varying diameter and height settings, and altered quickly to accommodate a range of container sizes. During operation, lids are fed into the machine by a spinning rod feeder that organizes, orients, and denests the caps for proper placement. The lid is then pulled over the top by the leading edge of the container and pressure is applied to root it in place. DEL can provide detection systems with its capping products to ensure the lids are placed correctly. If any containers do not receive an accurate cap, they are rejected off the line.

DEL’s plugging systems are ideal for companies that include scoops or other parts with their products. The CLPS, CLPS-G and ILPS are the products DEL offers for plugging solutions, and all are capable of automated plugging. The CLPS and CLPS-G use continuous motion with a set of rotors, making it possible to handle up to 600 containers per minute. DEL’s plugging systems are compatible with tapered or straight wall containers and are ideal for running multiple sizes and heights. The CLPS-G comes with a glue roll applicator that seals the container with hot adhesive.

DEL’s products are backed up by a performance guarantee, and in the rare event that there is a problem with the machine, DEL’s technicians can perform an audit on the product. With this support, a business will be able to get many years of reliable performance from their capping or plugging system.

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