Introducing Del’s 2007 Model ASRL-CC Servo Overcapper

Del continues to differentiate itself from its competitors by employing direct drive servo technology. Del’s new cradle block design overcapper provides an ultra sanitary design with toolless product changeover features.

Quick Change

DEL Model ASRL-CC Height AdjustmentHeight Adjustment
Del offers a height adjustment feature standard on all ASRL-CC Servo models. A single point adjustment wheel with a numeric readout allows your operators to duplicate multiple height settings within minutes without any guesswork.

Container Diameter Changes can be accomplished in minutes. The specially machined UHMW cradle blocks, used to captivate the container as it passes through the overcapper, are easily removed by pushing out the shear pins. The Timing Screw Infeed is easily accessed for tool-less removal. An operator can replace the timing screw within 2 minutes. The Overcap Chute can be removed and replaced in under 15 minutes.

A complete diameter change can be accomplished within 20 to 30 minutes!

DEL Packaging Model: ASRL-CC

Rotary Cap Feeding System

DEL Model ASRL-CC | In-Line Overcapper

Our rotary cap feeding system is the most labor saving method to feed caps to your overcapper. This process reduces the amount of time an operator is required at the overcapping system, plus allows the operator to perform other activities on the production line. It is ideal for all high speed applications especially those with irregular shaped caps and containers!

Spinning Rod Cap Feeder with Loader

DEL ASRL-CC In-Line Overcapper

Our spinning rod cap feeding technology offers an economical solution for any overcapping application utilizing a standard round overcap. The automatic cap loader provides a buffer for the operator making them more productive.

Maintenance Free Design

Del’s model ASRL-CC overcapper features direct servo drive motors with optional food grade gearboxes. By eliminating the conventional drive components such as VFD’s, motors, shafts, bearings, torque limiters, and linkages, we have reduced the number of spare parts you need to keep on hand. The ASRL-CC Servo overcapper is designed to be an extremely quiet and a virtually maintenance free overcapping system.

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