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Adjustable Spinning Rod Lidder – Cradle-Chain

ASRLContainers are back logged into the timing screw and are timed directly into the overcapper captivator blocks, never fully releasing the container. The captivator blocks are used to support the container during the cap application as well as maintain the shape of the container. A table-top chain conveyor is required to convey containers through the center of the overcapper. Equipment shown with spinning rod cap feeder.

Straight-walled or tapered soft containers
Overcaps: round, square, rectangular, injection molded
2” – 7” diameter containers
2” – 12” height containers

pilsbury_vanilla_asrl1   viactiv__asrl2   kraft_mayo_asrl3

 Up to 600 CPM – Stainless steel (non-wash down) construction
 AB PLC with Yaskawa servos
 Direct drive servo motors
 Height adjustment hand crank with readout
 Integrated line controls
 Shown with spinning rod cap feeder
 Available Options
Rotary cap feeder
Spinning rod cap feeder
Sanitary wash-down construction
Conveyors (table-top, air, etc.) – Coupon / leaflet inserters
Quick-change timing screw infeed
Inclined vertical cap loader
Elevator cap sorter feeder
Spinning rod head cart with wench
Ethernet and communication modules
Electrical and control system upgrade
Digital height and diameter adjust packages
220 Volt / 50-60 Hertz / 3 Phase NEMA 4X
All domestic and international voltages to meet UL and CE requirements
Cap detection with reject (fiber optic sensors and/or vision technology)
Rotary Part Feeders Bulk Loading Elevators
DOWNLOAD ASRL-CC Cutsheet (contains drawings)

Models to Choose From:
Introducing Del’s 2007 Model ASRL-CC Servo Overcapper

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