Automatic Capping Machine Questions And Answers

What industries would utilize an automatic capping machine?

A variety of industries utilize DEL’s automatic capping machines such as the Food, Pharmaceutical, personal care/hygiene, and petrochemical industries.

What are some of the advantages of owning a DEL automatic capping machine?

Reliability and Efficiency – With a forty plus year track record, DEL’s various automatic capping machines have gone through dozens of design reviews and enhancements over the years making our capping machines the most efficient on the planet. We guarantee a minimum run to mean time efficiency of 98% with a minimum application efficiency of 99.9%.

How many Model automatic capping machines does DEL offer?

DEL offers four different in-line automatic capping machines and three rotary style machines. Please reference the “Product Line” drop down menu on our home page for details regarding DEL’s complete product line.

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