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Continuous Lid Plugging System

MJ_frontContinuous motion rotary lid/plug application system featuring an in-feed timing-screw drive to ensure a smooth transfer of the container into the in-feed star-wheel and guide assembly. Cam-actuated chucks are utilized to apply the lid/plug to the container in a controlled, precise manner. A centering star is used (most cases) to precisely align the lid/plug with the container as it is being applied to the container.


Tappered or straight-walled containers
Plastic, metal or composite canisters, vials, and tubes
2″-8″ diameter container and lids/plugs
2″-12″ height containers
Ideal for running multiple sizes and heights with change parts






wyeth_clps enfamil
60 to 600 lids per minute
Stainless steel (non-washdown) construction
220 Volts / 440 VAC / 60 Hertz
Designed for multiple heights and sizes (tooling required)
Available Options
Rotary cap feeder
Conveyors (table-top, air, etc.)
Coupon / leaflet inserters
Stainless steel (non-wash-down) construction
Elevator cap sorter feeder
Ethernet and communication modules
Electrical and control system upgrade
Digital height and diameter adjust packages
All domestic and international voltages to meet UL and CE requirements
Cap detection with reject (fiber optic sensors and/or vision technology)
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