Denester | SD-VC


Single Lane Denester w/ Vacuum Conveyor 

The Single Denester with Vacuum Conveyor (SD-VC) separates caps and containers.  Caps are loaded into the denester head guide rods by hand, or using an RCL or VCL loader.  A set of denesting screws at the bottom of the denester progressively separate the caps and containers and releases them onto a belted conveyor where a vacuum suction pulls the cap or container to the conveyor.  The product is then transferred to the customer’s conveyor via side transfer.

Metal, plastic, or composite containers and lids
Round, square, or rectangle products
2” – 6” diameter containers
2” – 12” height containers

20040071 (1)

Up to 500 CPM
AB PLC and VFD’s
5 point contact dispensing head
Vacuum conveyor for constant container control
Integrated line controls
Stainless steel (non-wash down) construction
 Available Options
Wash down construction
220, 400, or 460 VAC
Optional large container dispenser available for large tubs, up to 5 gallons
Dual lane option available
Standalone or integrated with our RCL or VCL loader

Container and Lid Denesters For Sale | DEL Packaging, Ltd.

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