DEL’s applicator systems are designed to handle hundreds of containers every minute, so to keep the line moving, facility managers should consider adding DEL’s feeders to their production lines. These machines can be integrated into any of DEL’s applicator and loading systems, making it possible to put together an all in one capping solution for any situation. Also, because they are easy to load and monitor, operators can focus on other areas of production and maintain fine control over the system.

What types of feeders does DEL offer?

DEL can provide a spinning rod or rotary machine (the RF series) for a facility, depending on the company’s needs. The RF series is ideal for containers that come with additional parts, such as scoops. RF machines consist of a spinning disk and a long spiral channel that extends from the edges of the disk to the top of the machine. During the operation, caps, scoops or other parts are fed into the RF using a hopper. The disk pulls the caps apart with inertia and funnels them into the spiral channel. As the caps or parts are pushed into the channel, they are oriented correctly for proper application further down the production line. A single conveyor lane grabs the caps or parts as they exit through the top of the machine and takes them to an applicator or another machine.

A spinning rod device is designed to work with DEL’s SRC, SASRC or ASRL overcappers. These feeders are compact and built along the top of the capper, so they require little space. A spinning rod device is uncomplicated and consists of a tray that can hold hundreds of caps. During operation, a rod sitting under the tray and supporting the caps spins at high speeds, moving the lids toward the applicator head. Once the lid is indexed above the applicator head, it is separated from the stack using screws and channeled down into the applicator via a conveyor.

Both machines provide a large buffer between the operator and applicator because they are automated. They do not require constant manual feeding, so steady feeding rates are easily achieved. This prevents any downtime during operation and ensures near perfect accuracy. Accuracy is a major design focus for DEL, and all of our products come with a strong performance guarantee that calls for greater than 99 percent accuracy. DEL’s overcapping systems have never been returned or replaced due to a failure to meet this guarantee, so DEL’s clients can rest assured they are getting a quality piece of technology.

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