Questions and Answers About Membrane Sealers From DEL

What are membrane sealers and what are they used for?

These machines create an airtight, tamper evident closure that is ideal for any products that need complete protection. The food industry, in particular, frequently uses this technology to keep their products safe from contamination and to extend their shelf life. These machines are a natural fit for any companies that produce food powders or liquids, as these products are prone to spoil faster. Even the smallest contamination can result in serious consequences for a company, so food companies should only select packaging products that are reliable and precise.

How do DEL’s membrane sealers work?

DEL manufactures several lines of equipment for this task, and all of them use the same basic principles to shape and apply the film. The MHS 120 is among DEL’s most popular models and is an in-line system that can handle up to 120 containers per minute. During operation, a pair of timing screws grabs the container and guides it into a captivator block. The block then passes the container off to a clamp that holds it in place during film application. While this is occurring, a rotary die cutter in the MHS 120 cuts a piece of film out of a sheet and a vacuum head picks it up. The vacuum head passes the film off to a heated applicator that bonds the material to the top of the container.

DEL also produces a CMHS (continuous motion) model that can handle hundreds of containers every minute. The CMHS utilizes a die cutter that is paired with a rotary vacuum drum. The vacuum drum allows for faster film transfer to a vacuum transfer disk and one of several heated applicator heads.

Why are DEL’s membrane sealers the best on the market?

For decades, DEL has offered some of the most respected packaging technologies on the market. Our machines are found in Fortune 500 companies around the world. Some of our clients include Kraft, General Mills, Campbell’s Soup, and Proctor & Gamble. DEL’s equipment has never been replaced by a competitor’s for performance reasons, and more than 80 percent of all of the equipment we’ve sold is still in operation.

DEL’s systems are compatible with a number of containers, including round, rigid, non-round, and fragile types. Composite, metal, plastic and blow molded containers can also be used with DEL’s systems.

DEL’s products are known for their accuracy and efficiency, using 15 to 20 percent less film than competing designs. DEL’s equipment is more than 99 percent accurate during operation, and it can be fitted with detection systems that automatically flag and reject containers that aren’t finished properly.

Can DEL create a custom solution for a processing facility?

DEL has a dedicated design engineering team that can meet any client’s unique packaging needs. During the design engineering process, DEL’s experts will consult with the client to determine any unique specifications their packaging may possess. A prototype is then created and tested thoroughly before a finished version is installed in the client’s facilities.

With their unparalleled reliability, compact footprint, complete automation, and high speeds, DEL’s packaging machinery can form the backbone of any company’s container handling needs.