Model RCL Stacks Up

DEL Model RCL | Accumulators and LoadersIn an effort to simplify storage and loading capabilities of our line of denesting systems, Del has designed a new carousel style loader.

The new loader is capable of denesting caps and containers of various shapes and sizes. The vertical trays are located at floor level making loading simple and easy for the operator.

More trays are accessible for the operator to load product reducing the amount of time the operator needs to spend at the loader.

A typical system contains 30 trays which can hold approximately 130 to 150 caps /containers, dependent upon stack height.

DEL Model RCLSensors are used to detect the level of the stack. Once the stack drops below a predetermined level the trays index and the next stack is loaded into the denesting head.DEL RCL Accumulators and Loaders




Downtime associated with changeovers are relatively quick and easy. The trays and denesting head can be removed and replaced within 30 minutes, utilizing tool-less trays and drop in denesting head secured with four bolts.

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